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Our Mission Is To Help Our Clients Buy And Sell Boats

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Your Key Advantages

Here Are Six Key Advantages You Gain From Using Yacht BC Yacht Sales To Buy Your Boat.

You Are Our Focus

We enjoy learning about who you are and how a new boat fits into your life.  There are a wide variety of many different boats so it’s important to focus on what you want.

We Represent YOU

We represent your interests and protect them along the way, and our services are free to the buyer.

Relationships Within the Industry

It’s nice to have friends in the business and having our expert help is a big advantage. With us on your side, you have access to a network of known and trusted marine service professionals.

The Search

We work diligently on your behalf to make you aware of boats that meet your criteria, advising on what boats to consider… and what boats not to consider.  We help establish a realistic budget covering “all the costs” and arrange and accompany you on private viewings.

The Offer

Once you find the right boat, you benefit from our experience in establishing a realistic price based on many different factors and we negotiate strongly on your behalf.

Professional Process

Once an offer is finalized we are with you for the entire closing process. From inspections and sea trials through to conveyance, your transaction is handled in a professional and transparent process that ensures your interests are fully protected. We’ll share your excitement and we can help you find moorage for your boat, arrange delivery, and offer on board orientation and boating instruction if needed.

At Yacht BC Yacht Sales we are experts at completing cross border transactions. Whether you are a buyer looking for a boat in the larger US market or you are a seller hoping for an offer from a US buyer, we have the experience, track record, and contacts to ensure your transaction gets completed easily and securely.